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What My Clients Say:

"By utilizing your services, we have officially launched a marketing platform that is not only educational and interactive, but convenient and informative for our patients as well.  

This amazing opportunity has allowed us to double our reach on an educational basis (as we present on four vision correction procedure options for patients who want to get rid of glasses and contacts).  

We have also seen a higher rate of patients who view our webinar and come in for a one on one consult with our surgeon; thus resulting in a higher surgery volume.  

Throughout this trial period we have had nothing but positive feedback and success; it is my true pleasure to say I would most definitely recommend your company, and have already done so.  

I see this relationship continuing to flourish well into the future, and look forward to seeing more of our success together!"

Ashley Dickerson, Marketing Director at Graystone Eye

“You're the best I've ever dealt with in this. I really mean it. You're really killing it."

Dr. Joel Hunter, Owner of Hunter Vision

“We simply would not be where we are today without Nick's initiative...

Nick has delivered on everything that he promised. He is a highly intelligent guy who really knows web-based marketing and is able to communicate this knowledge in ways that we can easily understand and implement. 

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate him as a 10+. We are looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future and will recommend him and his services to others.”

Leah Baxter, Marketing Manager

"Nick opened my eyes to remarketing... We've now implemented a system on our website that captures and nurture leads while developing a great email list to remarket to people during slow times. 

In the past, I haven't had great experiences with lead generation companies. Most of them tend to be looking at what increases their bottom line, not the client's bottom line. But Nick, on the other hand, was honest, listened to me, and is very responsive. 

I would recommend Nick to others looking to generate more leads from their website."

Mike Connors, CEO

"After working with Nick for a little over a month, we were able to notice that far more of our websites visitors were actually becoming leads. 

Sometimes, its hard to know if online marketing works, but with detailed tracking and explanation, we were able to directly attribute this to Nick's methods. We are actually looking to hire on more help to take advantage of the leads too!...

Nick seems to have a competitive edge in online marketing, and he knew exactly how to help out our business. If you're looking for someone to bring in more qualified leads and business through the internet, I'm confident that Nick can give you a competitive edge too — just get ready to hire on some new employees to handle the work!"

Jon Neal, CEO

"Before working with Nick, our biggest concern was along the lines of cost-benefit. After taking the time to explain why the investment would be worth it, he quickly resolved our concerns. 

Now, after working with Nick, our website has greatly improved from both a user interface and conversion rate standpoint.

 Anyone looking to get more new clients in the door who want to stack the deck in their favor can benefit from working with Nick. Just not our competitors :)"

Kellan Vincent, CEO

“Nick is a very smart guy who can change your business. Before meeting Nick, I already understood the importance of building an email list and nurturing that list through an autoresponder. So when Nick came along it was an easy decision for us to start working together. 

He came up with and implemented a system that now captures a large number leads through our website and automatically nurtures them over time, ultimately resulting in more new clients for us. 

I would absolutely recommend Nick to anyone who wants to grow their business by driving more new business through the internet.”

Geoff Frink, Operations & Marketing at PBLR

"This guy knows his funnels! I'm not going to say much about how his process works, but I've seen it work. He's smart and detailed oriented and builds business."

Alex Wright, Web Developer and Marketing Communicator

"Nick's help was instrumental to getting our first website off the ground - he saved us a lot of time and enabled us to get a company presence online rapidly. 

Nick is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to future clients."

Elliot Tabachnik, CEO

"I have worked with several website companies before finding Nick. 

His video know how and marketing insight has resulted in a big improvement in my website and sales. His video skills have directly helped my website be more effective than ever before. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Nick. I'm sure he can improve your website too"

Sam Rodman, CEO

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